Some of our gorgeous group from last year

“The retreat was wonderful and I felt like my needs were met in every way, your caring and thought for everyone in the group was much appreciated and I felt very ‘looked after’. I have been on other similar group experiences and not felt so ‘looked after’.

The location was gorgeous, the accommodation was perfect, the activities were wonderful and I got a lot from them, I loved swimming in the sea, the tavernas and food were fab, I loved the Biodanza of course. I really appreciated the free time, as that was much needed. You had a great balance between group time and free time. I loved the breakfasts and lunches that Eugenia prepared for us. We wished we were staying longer and felt it was a long journey for a week’s holiday, but that’s something for us to bear in mind for the future.

(Q: What did you love?) – Pretty much everything!  The swimming, the food, all the group activities, Biodanza, accommodation, location, sea, sunshine…”

Sufiya Bridget

Thank you, Sufiya! We look forward to welcoming you again this year

“The magic of Damouchari, wow from the moment you arrive the beautiful landscape takes you in, giving you sense of stillness, mystery and excitement. This well thought out wonderful adventure opened our hearts and minds, from setting intentions in the wild sacred space, bathing in the nourishing secret lagoon, to daily invitations to beautifully considered workshops.

With biodanza dancing under the full moon, finding the magic in nature, and sharing yummy Greek delights, this truly was a journey of and understanding, learning, nourishment and inspiration, guided & supported by two very special goddesses” ~ Helen Bell

“You and Hara (ably supported by Eugenia) held the space beautifully.

– The beach, with hardly anyone on it most of the time – that was truly precious. Very good move picking that time of year and no later!

– The general chilled feeling of the village.

– Morning check in at breakfast was important to feel connected with the group.

– Coming together and doing things with the group (like dance, channelling, massage) made me feel held on the trip.

– The solstice evening was wonderful.” ~ Anonymous participant