Our time together

We’ve created a taster of our time together

The Greeks have their rituals throughout the day, of course: the coffee time, the siesta time, the beach time… and we want to savour these special moments too, rather than rushing through the day

 Welcome the day
8am Swim in the secluded lagoon
8.30 – 9.30am Hatha yoga session
9.30 – 10.30am Delicious breakfast
11am Group gathering – all attend. Followed by gorgeous offerings
12.30 – 1.30pm Offerings – part two
1.30pm  Lunch time: Greek simplicity at its best
 Easy afternoons 
3pm For beach, siesta, relaxation
Evening celebrations
6 – 7pm Offerings
7pm Free time
8pm Feast alfresco at Apostoles’ taverna

The schedule varies slightly depending on the theme of the day. Sometimes we will have a session after dinner instead of at 6pm. For example, one night we will meditate on the rocks under the blanket of stars!

About our offerings

Our offerings are optional sessions – it’s your time, you choose what you’d like to attend. We have: angelic channelling, sacred touch massage, beauty alchemy, Biodanza with Naropa, rocks meditation

Additional goodies

We will also have optional trips:

  • kayaking to the sea caves (extra cost applies)
  • to Mylopotamos beach then a visit to a thousand year old tree in ancient Tsagarada, famous for its rich heritage and historical architecture  (extra cost applies)

Towards the end of the retreat we’ll also have a Mamma Mia film night in the actual spot where it was filmed (no extra cost, but we will order mezedes or dessert in the restaurant where it’s held)