Bayari wrote this piece about the beautiful mornings in Damouchari

Kalimera Damouchari!

The waves and birdsong gently awakens me
I creak open my shutters, breathing in eucalyptus and olive
Enveloped in the hot orange haze of the sun rise

Wrapping a towel around me, I pitter patter on the pepples towards the lagoon – the path fragranced with wild herbs and magnolias

There’s no one around so I submerge myself – naked
Greeting the glistening rocks, feeling the crystal salt water warm with the rays of the sun

Feeling yes! I’m alive – cells vibrating
As the water massages my flesh and whispers to my soul
In the distance a man calls out to his friend… the tavernas slowly open and begin their daily rituals… morning is upon us…

I emerge from the water and lay my body down on the now hot stones – exhaling, smiling, giving thanks for this moment… admiring the shells…each unique
Some simple stretches, sing a mantra…
Mmmm… someone’s making coffee… it’s time for breakfast!