About us

Bayari and Hara met at Kalikalos, a holistic community in Mount Pelion. They share a love of bringing Spirit into the every day and want to share their unique fusion of movement, sacred touch, beauty alchemy, angelic channelling and nurturing.

This is the second year they have run this retreat and can’t wait to share it with you!

About Bayari Beegan

Bayari cooling down in the forest

Bayari  in the forest in Damouchari

Bayari has a lifelong love of nourishing others on a physical and soul level. Her passions include creating warm, loving spaces and helping others connect with their true essence.

She has extensive experience organising yummy events; co-creating gatherings in London and beyond.

Bayari’s work with shamanic practitioners unlocked a unique healing gift. Offering a fresh contemporary take on ancient knowledge and rituals, she creates sessions that nurture the receiver at a deep soul level. She offers Awakening your Essence in London.

Since 2010, Bayari has been inspired by the teachings of the guru Osho and she received the name “Ma Anand Bayari”, translated as “Blissful Breeze”, during her initiation as a sannyasin (spiritual seeker). When in India, she works as a healer at the Zorba The Buddha Retreat Centre, Delhi.

Bayari is the creator of Beauty by Bayari – a unique range of potions for bath, body and soul.

Bayari enjoys a wide range of influences, from Ayurveda to Latin dance, and brings an infectious energy to the workshop space.

About Hara Soldatou

Hara in her Hatha yoga flow

Hara in her Hatha yoga flow

Hara was born in Volos, Greece and her ancestors lived at the seaside of Mount Pelion. Throughout her life she has studied a variety of disciplines including chemistry, movement and spirituality. In 2000, Hara graduated as a yoga teacher from the Satyananda center of Athens and then travelled around India to deepen her studies in different ashrams.
For several years she worked as yoga teacher at the social and cultural centres of Volos.

She now has 20 years experience in yoga. In 1996 she studied channelling and since that time has become fascinated with contacting angels and the spiritual guides.She sees the wisdom that comes through channeling as a resonance with a higher dimension.
In the past few years she has been exploring eco-communities. She studied in Tamera (an eco community in Portugal) at the “University for a new model of life on Earth”, and this is a vision Hara holds, too. The last two years she has offered voluntary service at the seasonal community of Kalikalos, in Pilio. Hara brings much wisdom to the retreat, as well as in depth  knowledge of the area, her favourite aspect being the magical caves.